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It was the winter of 2015 in the areas surrounding the Port of Boston, and Charles Shian was thirsty. The future founder of Port Boston “Burtch” Whisk(e)y wandered from bar to bar searching for a cocktail that was more than, well… unremarkable. He experimented with craft beers, wine, and then sugary mixed drinks, amazed by the variety, but consistently falling short of true satisfaction. Always fascinated by creative processes, Charles couldn’t shake the underwhelming flavor profiles of these average spirits, and he began to wonder, began to consider the possibilities. Charles had a particular affinity for both bourbon and scotch, yet each left him pining for something more. So, he started researching. Charles immersed himself in the rich history of whiskey making. He toured distilleries all over Scotland & Kentucky and amassed an impressive whiskey collection while experimenting with blending and distilling. A simple curiosity turned into a passion, and he started sharing his blends with friends and family.


From the onset, Charles was enamored with the texture and character of scotch but was also moved by bourbon’s palatable flavor profiles. Thus, the inspiration behind his whisk(e)y blends developed from a marriage of bourbon and scotch. Charles set out to formulate a dram that captured the essence and tradition of whiskey making while simultaneously innovating. He thought about his hometown of Boston and how it was situated neatly between the celebrated Scottish Isles and Kentucky Bourbon regions. As such, Boston offered the perfect complement of both climates to create an inspired craft spirit. The rising and falling New England temperatures were critical to extracting the additional flavor complexities imparted by our various seasoned oak barrels. After blending 93 different formulas, the pioneering Port Boston “Burtch” formula was born… at, coincidentally, 93 proof!


We do this work because we love it. We love the industry. We love the people we meet along the way. Charles loves to talk shop and fully embraces his inner-whiskey nerd. That’s why the mission has always been to bring you the very best, unique whiskey experience. Our “Burtch” whiskey is unparalleled among American producers. Our proprietary “Tunning” process gives us excellent command over each distillation run and allows for an incredible depth of flavor and aroma to be expressed in our high-proof spirit. Today, Port Boston Distillery is one of the leading craft whiskey makers in the U.S. and will continue to pave the way as one of the top blending houses in the country.We are confident that you will enjoy the unique “Burtch” experience and tasting the finest blended whiskey in the world.